YouTube live streaming guide: How to do live streaming on YouTube like a PRO

Is it enough to actively participate in social media marketing by uploading videos to YouTube and sharing them later on all other social platforms in your company or organization? The answer is definitely no! Live video streaming has become an attractive tool for sales, marketing and new product launches. Live streaming has become the mainstream media for developing businesses and brands because apps like Facebook and Periscope are always available to stream from mobile. Big names such as Google, Facebook, etc. are all in live streaming, so we purchased this ultimate guide on YouTube live streaming.

With over 1.5 billion active users per month, YouTube is the second most popular option for live streaming. But the question is why do you prefer YouTube live streaming on Facebook Live? The answer is searchability and SEO. Searching for videos on YouTube is much easier compared to Facebook because YouTube is just a search library that hosts videos. YouTube videos, a business owned by Google, are ranked higher in search and search results than Facebook videos. The high-quality streaming provided by YouTube is much better than Facebook.

Youtube Live Streaming
To enable live streaming, you need to free your channel from the live stream limit of the past 90 days. The channel’s live streaming service is automatically shut down and the live stream is globally blocked or copyrighted. At the limit stage, no live streaming is available on other channels of the account.

Youtube live streaming image mobile

Live streaming conditions are confirmation of YouTube account. You will be asked to enter a phone number and will be sent to the verification code number via voice call or SMS.

Website / PC
(compatible with Chrome 60+ and Firefox 53+)

Once your account is verified, you are ready to start live.

Go to or YouTube Creator Studio
Note: Users who live for the first time may have to wait up to 24 hours to enable live streaming.
Click the upload button like a video camera next to the help icon
YouTube live streaming live streaming

Select the webcam at the top
Enter a title and a brief description of the live stream, select a privacy setting, or go to Other Options for other advanced settings. There is also an option to schedule a live stream for a future date.
Click Save. Once you have taken a thumbnail with your camera, click Go Live. To
wrap your live stream at any time, click End Stream. The
stream is automatically saved within 12 hours and can be accessed in the Live tab. If you
want to access or launch a defined live stream, you need to go to the live control room and click Manage.
Live Streams To manage live streams, you can access the YouTube Studio Dashboard to access current, future, and past live streams. The detailed steps are as follows:

Go to or select YouTube Studio from the profile icon drop-down menu Select
video options from the left menu.
YouTube live streaming live control panel

Click on the Live tab on one side of the Upload tab and you will see 3 different streams.
Live Now: These are currently live-streamed videos.
Coming soon: Videos that have not been streamed yet, but are scheduled at a specific point in time.
Live replay: These videos are already live streamed.
You can also access and launch scheduled live streams at

At the top you need to manage.
Then click on the live stream you want to launch.
Click Live Dashboard> Live.
The mobile
channel requires at least 1000 subscribers and requires Android version 5 or later or iOS version 8 or later.

Open the YouTube app (latest version)
Click the camera icon
Image mobile streaming with Youtube live streaming function

Allow YouTube app to access camera, microphone and storage
live Live streaming of image mobile with YouTube live streaming

If there is no channel available in your account, you will be prompted to create
Now you will get the option to record with onscreen screen stream or camera icon via phone icon
Add title to live stream , Create descriptions or schedules as needed, and later use
More to navigate to advanced settings such as monetization, age restrictions, live chat, and enable or disable.
You can add a custom thumbnail by selecting Next. In addition, you can tap Share to share the live stream.
Click on Live
. Live stream archives are available on My Page. You can delete the archive and edit your privacy settings at any time on this page
. Live scan schedule trim using mobile
Select the upload button that looks like a camcorder Select the
live live option
Create a stream title, Select Privacy

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