Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In India 2020

Exceeded 12 + 3/4 + 2 + x (x varies from 1 to hard) during formal education in hard work. Now you are looking for a job that is midnight oil justifies writing all years. You are looking for a better career that will give you the right awards.

To be honest, money is the best motivation when it comes to choosing a career path. And if this is an important factor for you, India has the top 10 highest paying jobs (in no particular order). Regardless of job level, beginner / entry level, intermediate level, these will help you decide the direction you want to go next.

Note-Salaries for all industries are always affected by employee experience, training, and knowledge. The higher the score on these domains, the better the reward. Different industries offer different “highest” salaries. Therefore, it is not appropriate to compare the salary of a certified public accountant in the information technology department with that of a certified public accountant in the BFSI domain. Let’s begin.

1) Data scientists Although
many careers have continued forever, data science is a relatively attractive and attractive package offering option. Data scientists can help you manage and organize the massive data your organization collects. He draws actionable insights from data that drives profits, customer relationships, and business decisions.

The main reason for adopting data science as a career is that the demand for data scientists has increased by nearly 40% since January 2019, and has increased by more than 300% since 2013. The reason is that you need to clear everything by looking at today’s data, and you need the scientific expertise to manage that data.


Ability to use complex formulas (40%)
Understanding consumer psychology (25%)
Business insight (25%)
Proficient in programming languages ​​(10%)
Educational qualifications-

Engineer-BE / BTech (no coding experience)
graduation (no programming knowledge)
how to become a data scientist

The most common and recommended paths are:

Alumni / engineers can choose a PG diploma in data science with an 11-month program, jointly offered by Upgrade and IIIT-B.
You can also earn a master’s degree in data science by participating in a paper world competition and working on your own projects.
Provide salary package

Data Science offers certified professionals salaries between 4 and 12 Lark, even if they have limited or no work experience. Data scientists with 5 years of experience get INR 60-70 LPA. Salary range between the following limits-

Average salary

Average salary for Data Scientist India 2019

2) Machine Learning Specialist
Currently, data science and machine learning are in vogue and are one of the most paid jobs in the world, not just India. Machine learning is an AI application where the system is learned and improved independently without being programmed. Like the human brain, yes !!!! Machine learning experts are experts in building these self-learning systems.


Programming in R / Python
Powerful statistical knowledge
Translated as
non-technical insights and potential decision making complex data as a function to prepare powerful written and verbal communication presentations, progress reports, interactive data visualization Ability to convey.
How to Become a Machine Learning Expert
Engineering graduates, software and IT professionals, data professionals with at least one year experience, or a math or statistics degree are relevant to these jobs. Experts with the appropriate knowledge and understanding of machine learning can apply for jobs or take ML courses. This introduces the basics of algorithms, R / Python, probability, statistics, data science, and ML. UpGrad will work with IIIT-B to provide ML’s PG diplomas and masters to assist professionals as business analysts, product analysts, machine learning engineers, or data scientists.

Provide salary packages
About 10% of machine learning jobs are for freshmen, and Bangalore has the best jobs. Yes, in the range of 7-15 Lark per year, you read it correctly. And for mid-career professionals, the package goes up to over 27 Lark.

Entry-level developer salaries (beginners / new students) *

0-3 lakhs (11% employment)
3-6 Lakhs (9% job)
6-10 Lakhs (5% job)
10-15 lakhs (38% job) 15-250,000
rupees (38% employment)
3 For professionals with more than a year of experience, approximately 75% is paid in the range of 8-40 Lark. The maximum salary will be 50 easy.

3) Blockchain developers
Blockchain is a new and innovative field, redefining everything from currency trading, internet connection, data security and processing. Blockchain technology reduces intermediaries, reduces costs, and increases speed and reach. It should be for us


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