How to Write the Best Blog Posts That Will Grow Your Influence in 15 Steps

Writing a perfect blog post feels like a difficult order and may argue that it is a little exaggerated.

Is there anything like a “right” blog post?

The degree of completion varies slightly from person to person. I’m not the right person for your blog post.

But whatever the end result is, there is quality and effective content that applies to all marketers and bloggers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to follow the “How to Write a Blog Post” process?

Yes, it is.

In this post, you will learn how to write a comprehensive blog post.

This means a well-studied and detailed post that properly covers a specific topic. Something like establishing extraordinary authority and
bringing you non-stop traffic.

Everyone wants to create amazing evergreen content that visitors can access again. The problem is that writing content that achieves these types
of results is not easy. Even easier if time is limited.

However, in many cases, extra effort is rewarded.

This post is useful if you are ready to take your blog and content creation skills to the next level. It goes through the end of the entire process,
from idea generation to final idea editing. Until you work, you will be ready to write many official posts.

How to organize to write a blog post Writing
is not always a fun part.

However, organizing quickly allows you to do more work later. Here are some tips and ideas to help you get the most out of your limited working

Choose the best workbench
Different authors work differently.

If you are working in an office environment, you may or may not have the flexibility to do writing tasks.

However, if you have options, it is worth working in different types of spaces that suit you.

Whether you prefer a busy coffee shop or a quiet corner of the office, being in the right environment has a positive impact on productivity.

Use the
right tool for the job You probably use different tools in your blog creation workflow.

Here ’s how you can always get what you need quickly:

Add web tools and services to the browser bookmark bar. This includes WordPress, Evernote, Google Analytics, Google Docs and more.
Take notepad and paper wherever you go. Or use a note-taking app like Simplenote or Google Keep to write down your ideas on the spot.
Please organize your blog calendar. Spreadsheets are free. Apps like CoSchedule are better. Distraction
word processor option
If you need help avoiding digital distraction, consider using a minimal word processor. They block everything on the screen except for your
words. The general options are:

Folk word writer (Mac, Windows, Linux-free or optional donation)
Writing (Windows-free)
(Chrome- paid) Rightbox (Chrome, iOS-free or paid)
Gentle writer (chrome-free)
Ulysses (Mac , IOS-paid)
A screenshot of the focus writer in action. There are many different selectable background themes.

Write for your audience (not for everyone)
Minneapolis’s sophisticated craft brewery, Sliver Brewing, follows the philosophy that “all beers are empty beers.” They know who their
customers are and try not to please others. As a result, they are one of the most respected breweries in Twin City.

Marketers and bloggers can follow the same approach and become a real topical authority.

Pay attention to the audience while writing. Think about what you want to read and understand why you want to read it. This is where viewers
investigate and pay attention to social media followers.

Consider developing an ordinary reader. A
person is a brief description of the target audience.

Document using Word Dock or PowerPoint deck.

Full personality may be included here.

How to generate ideas for blog posts It’s
not always easy to come up with content ideas that your readers like. However, there are some guidelines that can help you come up with more
ideas more quickly.

Determine the types of blog posts you can write
Here are some common blog post types to consider:

How to: Educational articles that help readers complete tasks and solve problems.
Compare: Compare two different products with each other.
News: Share the latest updates and current events.
Product: Sell product benefits directly.
Summary: Share video recordings from webinars and summarize recent events.
How to cancel a 30-minute blog post
Brainstorming blog pause with a team

This is one of the most efficient ways to generate ideas. Also, you don’t have to spend a very long time. Follow this process to quickly generate
large numbers of ideas.

Each team member has to spend 5 minutes writing as many ideas as possible in the Post-It notes. At this point, you don’t have to worry about
quality. Focus on writing your ideas on paper.
After 5 minutes, place all your thoughts on one wall.
As a team, say each idea out loud and quickly rate each as 1 (bad), 2 (average), or 3 (bad). Get hungry and score each idea quickly.
Prepare all three and add those ideas to the content calendar. Consider discarding all 1 and separating 2 at a later date.

There are many ideas to work on before work is complete. You can also come up with more diverse and innovative ideas by involving multiple
team members.

Pro tip: If you are working alone, you can use this process to generate ideas. Make sure you are honest with yourself and do not log everything. 3.
Separate the wheat from the chute and work only with the best concept.
Run a survey to learn more about your audience
Online surveys and surveys are a great way to conduct a viewer survey and collect the original data. Survey Monkey and Polledi are both easy-
to-use tools for this purpose (here in Polsledul uses Polledi).

To run the survey, follow these steps:

Create a free account with Polldaddy or Survey Monkey.
Please write a question. Think about what you want to know. Avoid open-ended questions.
Promote investigation Include links from social media posts, email newsletters, and other places where you can delete this word.
Follow these steps to access the data:

Analyze the results over time and analyze the results.
Identify common themes and patterns of answers.
Create a list of recurring issues with the viewer, or a question you want to answer.
As long as you work, you will have a solid understanding of the reader. You can also find out who the actual audience is (we will talk about this

Note: For detailed tips on how to set up and run an effective survey, see Survey Monkey’s helpful guides and resources.
Ask social media viewers
This is probably the easiest and most direct way to get feedback on an idea. If you get a strong level, you know that your audience is interested in
your subject. Posts can also include questions and comments.

Pro Tip: Even if the viewer is not talking about something now, it doesn’t mean they are not interested in reading about it. Sometimes you don’t
know what questions to ask, so you may not know what you really need. If you can find something to answer the question, the reader didn’t know
there was a good position to make your content shine.
Validating ideas with
keyword research There are many quality keyword research tools on the market. Ahrefs is a favorite of cholestura here. Moz and Keyword
Studio also offer quality options.

But what if you are working on a budget? Do not ignore the Google keyword survey tool. It helps to generate ideas even when using other tools.

1.) Create an account. Do you have an AdWords account even if you haven’t paid for your ads?

2.) Select the first option shown below.

3.) Enter keywords or topics:

4.) Now you have a complete list of views and monthly search editions.

5.) Now you can get a broader topic and delete more than 760 keywords.

Google Trends Google Trends is a tool that helps you check how often the subject is written. The mechanism is as follows.

1.) Enter the topic you want to write:

Explore what the world is looking for

2.) The graph shows how interested the topic is.

How to focus on a topic and become concrete
To create a comprehensive and useful post, you need to dig deeply into a well-defined topic. This means pointing to a specific idea with a laser-
like focus.

For example, suppose you manage a blog about car maintenance. This can be a personal blog or you can manage this blog for a car industry
company. In this example, something like “how to take care of your car” will be a very broad topic that you can cover.

But a better question is, “What can I write specifically about car maintenance?” A fictional short list

This looks like this:

How to choose a snow tire suitable for winter driving How
to prevent pets from breaking their seat cushions
20 classic car engine maintenance tips
Follow these steps to improve your idea so that it can be read by ultra-specific people To do.

Start with a wide range of topics. For example, winter driving.
Decide on specific points or aspects of topics to cover. This is like traffic safety in bad weather.
Refine the idea at a very specific angle. Example: How to choose the best snow tires to stay safe in winter
Make sure your ideas and angles are unique Are you
re-sharing other people’s content? In that case, take a step back and think about what you can do differently than your competitors.

Check other posts on the topic and ask yourself the following questions:

Is information missing from these posts?
Can anyone bring other angles and perspectives to the subject that no one else can do?
Are there certain types of content that can be added to make the post more attractive, such as videos and infographics?
Answer these questions and you will get a clear picture




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