How to Send a Letter or Postcard

Below are the steps to send a letter or postcard

Step 1: Choose an envelope or postcard The
postage for mailing a letter or postcard depends on the size and shape of the mail piece. Save on standard size mail to fit in automatic mail processor.
Size and weight determine value
All envelopes must be flat. If the envelope does not fit in the automated processing equipment, it is considered non-compliant with the machine and is more expensive to send. Mismatched items include rugged or hard envelopes and envelopes with clasps, strings, or buttons. It is more expensive to send unusually sized squares or vertical envelopes.
Envelopes must be made of paper.
Envelopes must be rectangular to be eligible for letter price.
Envelopes larger than letter size are placed at the package price.
Larger envelopes must be rectangular to qualify for a flat rate.
Postcards must be rectangular to get the first class Mail® price.
Oversized postcards are treated as letters or large envelopes.

Step 2: E-mail address
Write and print the reply address and send it clearly to the right place.
Address Format
Envelopes with unclear or incorrect addresses cannot be delivered.
Print in uppercase letters.
Use a pen or permanent marker.
Do not use commas or periods.
Include ZIP + 4® code whenever possible.
recipient’s address Enter the recipient’s address at the bottom center of the envelope. Include the following on a separate line:
Recipient’s name or company name
Complete street address
Apartment or suite number, if applicable
City, state, zip code + 4 code
Enter sender address Enter sender address in
upper left corner. Include the following on a separate line:
Sender’s full name or company name
Full address
Apartment or suite number, if applicable
City, state, postal code + 4 code
Address notation
Special US address
Puerto Rico
Postal includes Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, or APO / FPO / There are specific address requirements for DPO.

Most Puerto Rico addresses have the same format as standard addresses. Others include urbanization or community codes for specific regions or developments. URB must be described in 4 lines, abbreviated as urbanization code.

San Juan PR 00926-3232

Example Puerto Rico Address
US Virgin Islands
Virgin Island addresses have the same format as regular addresses. The correct abbreviation for this region is “VI”, not “US VI” or “USA VI”.

MRS Joan Smith
Rr 1 Box 6601
Kingshill VI 00850-9802

prevent APO / FPO / DPO mail from entering foreign mail networks, do not include the city or country in the APO / FPO / DPO shipping address. Be sure to include the unit number and box number of the APO / FPO / DPO shipping address (if assigned).

Step 3: Calculate and apply the
postage The postage stamps required for mail depend on the destination, size and weight of the mail. Requesting a certified email receipt or other proof of delivery will increase the price. Current prices for First-ClassMail®Forever® letter stamps are $ 0.55 and $ 0.35 for postcards.
Paying for shipping
There are a few things to consider when calculating the postage value.
Shape and Size
Special Handling and Insurance
Delivery Confirmation Receipt
Calculate Price

Insurance and additional services

Posting options
There are many ways to receive envelope mail.
all PostalStore® tickets online and access the extra-large envelope add-on post. Print the postage for
PriorityMail® and Priority MailExpress® envelopes and pay.
PostOffice® location
Purchase tickets at grocery stores and drug stores such as post offices and approved postal providers®.

Step 4: Send an email Sending a
stamped envelope or postcard is easy. You can leave it in your email carrier or in many places.
To send a letter or postcard:

Leave in mailbox for carrier pickup.
Leave in the blue collection box.
Take it to the PostOffice® lobby drop.


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