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How to open blocked website in India 2020

You need to monitor and regulate the flow of content through your media at a rate of increasing use of Internet traffic around the world. The world has rules and laws for censoring and blocking illegal websites and URLs, pirated content, pornographic or child abuse websites, state-threatening sites, or law-violating websites. It’s inside. Not following the country. However, some of these websites are useful to many users, so we need a way to open blocked websites in India without a VPN.

In India, such websites and URLs are blocked under the IT Act 2000, and such websites are Internet services such as Jio, Bsnl, etc. under the direction of the Court and Ministry of Communications (DOT). Blocked by the provider. For example, when I tried to open a blocked website in India, “The requested URL was blocked according to the instructions from the Government of India’s Ministry of Telecommunications. For more information, please contact admin. ”

In 2015, the Government of India banned about 857 websites hosting pornographic content, and subsequently banned more than 200 URLs. However, in the past few months, the number of websites banned in India has increased, and an order issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITI) in September 2018 has made 827 websites into Indian ISPs. And blocked by the telecommunications company. went.

This raises questions about how to get and evaluate which websites your Internet service provider is visiting. There are basically some mechanisms to block content,

URL-based block,
IP and protocol-based blocking
Deep packet inspection-based blocking
Platform-based blockage
DNS-based blocking
In India, we use a DNS server to see if a website visits your ISP’s track and is marked as a blocked website under a list published by DoT. That is, each website is hosted on a web server, which has a specific IP address. When using a website, the browser first checks the website’s IP address on the DNS server of the ISP, which lists all the IP addresses.

This strict regulation itself has many flaws that allow users enough space to bypass this blocking mechanism. These listed websites are inaccessible, but users use free or paid VPN services such as HTTPS, SurfFPN such as Opera, switch to a built-in VPN browser, mirror users, and TOR browser instead of HTTP and WWW. You can access simple tricks. Yes, but not everyone can buy a VPN because it’s difficult to use or for a fee. Also, it may not be time efficient to start VPN services and browse them. For the same reason, I’ve shown you two ways to address the issue of “How to open a blocked website in India without using a VPN”.

A simple trick on how to open a blocked website without a VPN in India
Use “https” before the website name. Example: If your website name is or, write to https: // or
Use an online proxy website such as These websites are easy to use. All you need to do is go to, enter the website address in the search bar and press Enter to open the website. Some users may face the problem that websites such as kproxy hide the search bar for blocked sites. You can use the Hide button at the top left of the browser window to do this. In addition, these websites may throw an error “as if the session was invalid”. To use it, you need to access the KProxy main page. To do this, click the Home button and re-enter the website to open it.

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