How to Join YouTube Partner Program and Monetize Channels?

The YouTube Partner Program provides great resources, opportunities and features for YouTube creators. All you need is a channel, a public video, and the right audience.

This is a boon for creators who want to monetize their YouTube channel with little effort.

This is completely free and optional for creators on stage.

There are many benefits to participating in the YouTube Partner Program, but the most important thing is that Google manages it for you. Ad placement or revenue collection and payment. Google handles all this. Therefore, you can secure the scope of monetization safely and reliably on YouTube. YouTube Partner Program

There are three important things when a channel is subscribed to the YouTube Partner Program.

-Banner display ads, also called “overlay video ads”, can be displayed in the window.

-Run small TV ad style ads before the original video starts.

-Banner ads on YouTube channel pages are executed by default.

Clicking or watching a video ad running on your channel page will start generating revenue. Revenue varies from channel to channel and depends on several factors, including the type of audience ad and the time spent.

Channels can do this by creating and publishing relevant content on the page.
Google Channel plays an important role in this concept of channel and YouTube partnership. YouTube Partner Program

Track video content from descriptions, optimize ads, match videos with advertisers, determine which ads to play, and track traffic in response. Based on this information, YouTube will send payments to channel participants in the YouTube Partner Program.

To join the YouTube Partner Program
1. Go to YouTube and sign in using the Google account information that was also used to create the channel on YouTube.

2. Click your username or profile picture in the upper right corner of the page

3. Locate the Account Settings screen, go to the left side of the screen, and select the Monetize option under the Channel Settings menu.

4. Click the blue and white button named “Activate Account”.

5. A pop-up window containing YouTube “Monetization Agreement” will appear on the screen

6. Go to the lower left corner of the screen and select the three check boxes indicating that you accept the agreement. Click on the “I Agree” button to continue

7. Next, a pop-up window will appear. “Monetization of videos”. This gives you three options with checkboxes.

8. The options are:

A. Overlay InVideo ad
B. True view in-stream ad
C. Video has product placement

9. Click the Monetize button that appears in the lower right corner of the Video Monetization menu to continue the process. YouTube Partner Program

If you select the demonization option, the banner ad channel will start running. These ads usually relate to the content of the original video uploaded to your subscribed YouTube channel.

These ads find a direct match from the video tag and description. As a YouTube affiliate, you cannot interfere with the entry process. Everything is done at Google ’s discretion.

Registering for the YouTube Partner Program is a one-time method that does not require repetition. For YouTube channels, future uploads must have the advertising feature enabled to serve ads. YouTube Partner Program

The YouTube Partner Program channel will need to be linked to a Google AdSense account later for the channel to function properly in the program. This step is also a one-time process, after which everything is automated and revenue begins to flow.

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