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Per user? How do I create a YouTube account? “I know YouTube has grown over the years.

Have you ever thought that the gray gray check mark next to your channel name would serve as a badge of their pride? How to check your
YouTube channel

YouTube users with more than 100,000 subscribers, regular video sharing patterns, and other criteria required for verification qualify with a
gray check mark on the channel. Therefore, users are focused on learning how to check YouTube channels and improve channel reliability.

According to YouTube, channels with verification badges belonged to respected creators, official brands, commercial channels, and recognized
YouTube. Verified channels have some additional benefits, but it ’s most important to be prominent in the vast ocean of online content.

New YouTube account verification badge You
now understand the main YouTube methodology. When creating a YouTube account, like many other platforms, the platform requires a phone
number and includes a security code. This is to ensure that your site is free of bot spam and that you are a real person. Validating all accounts
on the website is important because it is the first step in creating a valid channel.

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On the other hand, the verification badge is special as described above. A specialized channel can be marked with a gray check mark if it meets
all the configured benchmarks. These badges are evidence that your channel is reliable and supports brand credibility. Verification badges
isolate scammers on YouTube, receiving real traffic, increasing channel capacity and creating loyal audience groups.

If you change your channel name, the verification badge will be lost.

Learn how to verify your YouTube channel To
receive a verification badge from YouTube, you must meet several requirements.

which one:

Appropriate channel optimization
to increase the reach, increase to at least 100,000 more than the number of subscribers
the creation of compelling related content in a unique
“Like” to the audience, prompting “shared”, “comment”, the “Subscribe”
To get a badge with regular quantity and quality , you can do the following:

Go to YouTube help page
Enter your verification badge on your channel. Click the first search result and
look for the Flow Contact Flow button (if you have a registered channel for the application, it will be displayed).
Click Email Support and fill out the form When the
dialog box asks “Is this a request for a verification badge?” Click Yes. ‘When
we submit the form above, YouTube will respond depending on whether the request is considered valid within 24 hours. Within a few days of
replying email from the site, a gray checkmark will appear on your YouTube channel. How to check your YouTube channel

Checking a YouTube channel is easy, but maintaining titles and badges is difficult and cannot be ignored.

YouTube can remove the verification badge if certain conditions are not considered.

When the subscriber count is below the 100,000 mark, YouTube disables the confirmation badge
if the channel is not in accordance with the Community guidelines, badge will be exposed to danger
YouTube is strictly a channel that violates the Terms of Service, the situation Make sure to reduce confirmation badges accordingly.
If a channel is rebranded and the channel is renamed, the gray checkmark will also be lost. How to verify a YouTube channel above a
rebranding channel Users can re-apply for a verification badge by following the steps outlined in “”.
Use these handy tips to get a YouTube verification badge quickly
1. Brand building: Be sure to add a link to your channel’s website so that YouTube displays a strong brand when you verify your channel To do.
Link Link can speed up the process. Please mention your part-time job and articulate important results.

Therefore, the next time you partner with an industry giant or call a topic in a major magazine, it will be seen, heard, and known by all

2. Don’t violate the rules: We recommend that you don’t violate policies and stay within the limits set by YouTube. A proven track record can
complicate the process of obtaining badges.

3. High-quality content: High-quality content and powerful channel observation enable quick verification. Many YouTube users have noticed
that YouTube’s video content, optimization, and engagement are considered good, even though the number of subscribers is less than 100,000
if the channel’s video content, optimization, and engagement are very good. It was. This is a rare paranormal phenomenon.

Now that you know how to verify your YouTube channel, use hints to get a badge to make you known as the best person in the category
associated with your channel.

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